friends forever

January 18, 2013 4:30am CST
I am always a dedicated person to my friends. I have always given 100% of attention, love and caring to all my freinds , for me it takes time to take someone as a friend. once i accept them, i will be there for them in all walks of life. But my weakness is that i just get carried away with peoples sadness and finally hurt myself.Now i have learnt a lesson not to show too much of care or affection to all the persons i meet and also most of the times collegues donot come under the "freinds" frame. I am freindly person you can become my freond!
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@maryhu (30)
• Accord, New York
24 Nov 13
yes, I am very eager.
@airasheila (5459)
• Philippines
19 Jan 13
good day rashmimohan, being dedicated to a friend is really an amiable trait. and not all people are considered amiable, hence, this is one special trait that not everyone has. and with the traits that you have, i guess, just nurture it. i believed, you can found one great friend that will also take care of you.
@mariaperalta (19096)
• Mexico
18 Jan 13
Ive also done that before.. you have to sometimes think about you before your friends. Take care there...
@franne32 (695)
• Philippines
18 Jan 13
It is a good thing that you have this kind of attitude towards other people. However, sometimes it's still best to have boundaries so you won't get hurt when they are not what you expect at all. I don't really have that much faith in being friends forever because I have bad experiences before about some so-called friends who backstabbed me when I wasn't around or they didn't know where their loyalties were. Nevertheless, there are still some people out there who are worth becoming best friends which are rare and last a lifetime.
@rhoiena (107)
• Philippines
18 Jan 13
Because there is no forever in this world, you can be friends always but not friends forever. And good for you that you learn that giving 100% attention/loving/cring sometimes is not good. Always smile.
• China
18 Jan 13
First,I also want to be your friend.for me,everyone has his life,everyone need time to stay alone, you can't pay all your attention to your more thing,collegue just is the people you work with,not your friend.i think,after work ,forget your collegues,be yourself.
18 Jan 13
don't change your nature man. be good and don't bother about you good will being misused. just maintain that same you will always get benefit. being a good nature is very necessary but its like don't let other overcome your life.