how the price/value of a 100.000 US dollars bill made from 1934?

January 18, 2013 5:37am CST
first, I shocked when one of my friend told me her friend got 100.000 us dollar bill from some one who got saved by him on a robbery attempt when he worked at a hotel in my town (my country Indonesia), he told the stranger is foreigner (maybe from USA). 100.000 bill? what a big money huh? and he check it on our BANK to sure its real money, and the BANK told its real, but cant exchange it with our Rupiahs (of course, its old money I have some question about this bill..... there is 100.000 US$ bills exist (President Woodrow Wilson was depicted on the bill, and the other side got red color)? I have tried to search it on EBAY, and nothing....there is no body sell this bills... what the real worth of this bills? I have watch a television program called cajun pawn star, i watch on of the episode is about some one who have 10.000 us$ bills who want to sell it 1000.000 us$, and the owner of the pawn shop offering 500.000 us$ to buy it. which more rare? the 10.000 US$ bills or 100.000 US$ bils? i am curious about it..... THANKS
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@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
22 Jan 13
He can sold that one to money collector and the value will be great
• Indonesia
24 Jan 13
100,000 US$ gold certificate is legal to sell?