January 18, 2013 6:34pm CST
I started my blog copying other ideas from net and now i already completed my blog but unfortunately i searched and searched my blog googling it but not visible.I never found my blog. Can anyone help me why i can't find my blog on search engines. I am getting sick trying to make it visible on search engine..but all failed,never find anything about my blog. I inserted the correct key words and i make sure try to let visible my blog address on every search engine.I never found my blog except other blog. Thanks in very advance.
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@robspeakman (1705)
19 Jan 13
Who have you used to host your blog? Are you using Metatags? How good are your Keywords and Tags? Have you read up on SEO? Have you posted your link anywhere? If you have one of the above questions without an answer.... then there is your problem
@Nursefrai06 (2498)
• Penrith, Australia
20 Jan 13
My blog is that way too. And I was wondering why I couldn't get visitors and everything. However, now, I think it's a good thing because of all the bad poetry and heartbroken stories I've put on there. XD I wish no one finds it. I want to delete it so bad but I forgot what e-mail I used for it and the password. :(
@khithi17 (762)
• Philippines
19 Jan 13
I had this problem before when my blog was just a few weeks old. You really need to do a lot of work for your blog to be listed on search engines. Share it on social networking site and on other sites that also allows you to share links of your blog like pinterest. And I also add my blog on other peoples blog if they offer blog listing, This will only work if you have the same niche.