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January 18, 2013 11:02pm CST
I think everybody already knows the hostage crises in Algeria where many people of different nationalities are held up. These people are kidnapped as a retaliation to the French presence in Mali and the mastermind is a known smuggle and militant. As expected, governments of people who were abducted are now trying to diffuse the situation but the Algerian government commenced an attack without relying this to otehr governments. Details are still sketchy but I hope that many hostages will be returned safely as possible and let's hope no more casualties. This will take a lot of political maneuver and let's hope it translates for the good.
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• China
19 Jan 13
Actually I think the way of Algeria government is so rude and do not care the lives of hostage,they should discuss with the militant first then try to find some good way to rescue all the hostage,then it will save more lives in this way.