I have hard time earning when I invest in a hyip site. Do you like hyip?

@bulastika (5967)
January 20, 2013 1:27am CST
For six years now I been expose to hyip. I invest money in hyip but sad to say I just can't end up making money in here. I'm just wondering if someone is really into hyip investing and really earn in hyip investing? Anyway please no hyip referral link. Lets discuss about hyip as potential source of income but don't use this thread to look for referrals. thanks.
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• Hungary
20 Jan 13
I'm not familiar with the darkest ways of investing. I focus on Etoro and maybe try Uinvest too. But those HYIPs can't be listed as stabile sources.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
21 Jan 13
That's true. A hyip site is only good if its paying. But if its not paying and we don't reach bep then that means we loss money. I don't recommend hyip sites at all. But if some are curious its also good to try.
• Israel
27 Jan 13
Wikipedia describes HYIPs as a "Ponzi scheme" and an "investment scam" so I would steer clear of them if I were you. There is no transparency with HYIPs - you don't know who's investing your money and where they're investing it. Besides most of the providers are unregulated. If you wish to really take control of your finances, then try social trading with eToro - the largest social investment network online. Find the best traders on the network and copy their trades automatically to mirror their profits! And best of all, you retain full control of your account, meaning that you can take over copied trades, edit them, close them or stop copying the trader all together. You can check out our network here - openbook.etoro.com - no registration required. Happy trading! Valeria, eToro Team
@Yh1001 (566)
• Singapore
20 Jan 13
Hi, I have been investing in a HYIP site for the past few weeks and have begun to earn some money. Personally I feel that it is possible to earn money, but its hard to determine which sites turn into scam. Perhaps to minimise your losses you could check out some hyip monitors to check the credibility of the site. All the best :)