Just a "sorry" from you and I am good.

January 20, 2013 7:14pm CST
I am impatient, I know that. I lose my temper so easily and I easily get pissed off. I know how to hate but if it is your fault, just say sorry to me and I will be alright. I can forgive you and just forget what you have done to me in the past. I don't keep "hate" in my heart because more than anything else, I value our friendship and that is the most important thing in this planet. If I have sinned, I will apologize to you right away, though sometimes my pride eats me, i still know how to say sorry and accept my faults. How about you guys? Can you forgive and forget?
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
21 Jan 13
I would accept a simple "Sorry" from my friend, if he/she really sincerely apologize what they did was wrong. We all have done something wrong, and no one is really perfect. So, a simple apology will be good for me already. If I have done something wrong, and it cause hurt to someone, I will also apologize too, and that is the basic human remorse.
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@salonga (28059)
• Philippines
21 Jan 13
That's a very good attitude. Sometimes it is very hard to overcome our pride but yes we should be forgiving and we should also know how to apologize and say sorry when we have done anything wrong. I myself do easily forgive those who say sorry for as long as they do it with sincerity. I can easily forgive remorseful people no matter how grievous they have wronged me. After all, I myself is not perfect and do also commit mistakes and hurt others sometimes. But the question is: what about if the person who committed mistake does not even say or feel sorry? Do we still have to forgive? What if instead of feeling sorry, he even acts as if he did nothing wrong? Would it not be very hard for us to forgive that kind of person? How would you take this kind of person?
@chiyosan (29383)
• Philippines
7 Feb 13
We all have committed mistakes ourselves and we cannot expect to be forgiven when we ourselves never forgive too. I can say that we are almost the same, with the exception of easily getting pissed off. Usually i have longer patience with people and i do not remember what people did and do not keep tabs of them. Most of the time i would be ranting, but never keeping the hate in my heart as well. As i know myself, i would just rant and after letting out what i have felt or what i have in mind, i would then be okay, even only just a few minutes. If it is my fault, i would accept it right away and say my apologies if needed be.
@jenny1015 (13391)
• Philippines
2 Feb 13
I wish I could everytime. But that would depend on my relationship to the person and the intensity of the fault he has done to me.
@Raine38 (9033)
• United States
21 Jan 13
I think that depends on the gravity and nature of the offense against me. If it is just a petty thing then a smile sorry and promise that it will not happen again will suffice. I can forgive and forget and give another chance. But if it's something really grave and/or it is not the first time, then I think it will be hard for me to forgive and forget. I might forgive, but I sure won't forget and I might even have to take some time before I trust the person again.
@5mahi05 (667)
• India
21 Jan 13
I am a person just like how you have described yourself. Yes, sometimes i do not need sorry also, just come and speak to me after sometime and I will be alright right away. But yes, i do say sorry easily as soon as i think that I have done something wrong or something is my fault. I forgive easily and do not expect sorry also, because for me, every person makes mistakes and when it is my friend, obviously the mistakes won't be intentional and it just would have been something thought of being done something else and ended up as something else, so no point in sorry. Other than that, i feel I am not as big as a person to forgive another person because I myself am not perfect as a person to judge on others whether they are at fault or not. When it comes to forgiving, yes, thanks to my weak memory power, I can forget things easily ( bad ones ) and I can move along well in sometime. I just need some half a day time to get back to normal and I easily accept the person like before in no time. I think this is one of my best qualities.