Writing For Pleasure And Satisfaction Of Mind

Thiruvananthapuram, India
January 21, 2013 3:34am CST
It is always fine to keep the mind active by way of putting into words those bits of experiences that you had encountered.In the busy schedule of a day's work,most of us fail to recognize the relevance of day to day happenings. On the other hand if you let your eyes open and look at life's activities with a keen mind you are apt to become a writer.It is diligence which matters most in making everyday experiences into real writing.
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• India
21 Jan 13
I really liked your topic. It takes observation to be a successful writer. One needs to observe & acknowledge the day-to-day happenings in order to create some ideas for writing. People who maintain daily diary are quite good at observing as they observe their each day happenings & jot down every single bit on paper. Creativity & imagination are also a must for great writing. Successful writers have good creative skills which they portray on paper. Generally creative people make good writers :-) In addition to that, free flow of ideas is a must for a great writing. When you jot down your viewpoints, be sure that you use simpel english & break your writing into paragraphs which are easy to understand. Readers should be able to understand your viewpoint easily - that's what they will love. Thus, Observing, Creative, Imagination & simplicity - these are some of the qualities that a good writer must possess in order to be successful.