The Lakers Is Not Going To Make It On The Playoffs

January 22, 2013 10:17am CST
After numerous playoffs appearance it seems that the L.A Lakers has finally run out of gas. Based on their current performance there is a slim chance that they will make it to this seasons' playoffs. Every team in the NBA seems to defeat the Lakers so easily despite of the all star casts that they have. In my opinion the reason for the Lakers' downfall is Kobe without him I think the Lakers is going to bulldoze every team they encounter.
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• Philippines
23 Jan 13
You have a good point. Kobe Bryant can be one of the many possible reasons why the Lakers as a basketball team is having a disastrous performances of late. There are yet many games more to be played before the playoffs begin so the door is still open for any team at this moment. The Lakers actually has a chance of making it to the playoffs as long as they make their move early. They have all the kind of player that they wanted. A lot of superstar on that team. What they lack probably is not about skills. It may be something else that the coaching cannot provide. Let's see the coming month what they can do.
• Philippines
23 Jan 13
Another reason why they are having a hard time winning is that they rely too much on their own skills at the expense of team chemistry. The Lakers this season is aiming not for championship but the 8th spot for the playoffs as what yahoo news have said.
@JohnRoberts (61193)
• Los Angeles, California
7 Feb 16
The Lakers will not be making the playoffs for the foreseeable future.