What would you do if it was your son?

United States
January 22, 2013 10:46pm CST
Im kind of worried about my oldest son. He turned 13 back in october and here lately I just dont know what do about him. He's been displaying some behavoir that has me concerned and because of it we moved the two boy downstairs next to us and the girls upstairs. He's been going around trying to pull my 10 year old daughters pants down and trying to smack her on the butt and look at her while she's getting the dressed. Now some people might think oh this is funny kids stuff or boys being boys. Im sorry but I dont think so and this is how things start out and the next thing parents now something's happened. You hear about it all the time. So for safety precautions my husband and I and at the suggestion of our pastor thought this would be a safe solution for now. I just done know what's going on with him I dont understand him anymore besides him doing this he just has this attitude and anger come from no where. No he is not doing drugs or anything like that. I just dont know what to do he gets along with the youth pastor really well so Im hoping that maybe he can counsel him and maybe find out what's going on with him. I dont know if this is a stage he is going through or what?
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@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
10 Mar 13
Hi, It is very strange behavior of your son. You should consult some psychologist or the expert to take advice about this. don't spend time in making experiments. Try to share his feelings with soft behavior and don't angry with him. Everything will be alright. It is the responsibility of the parents to correct the mistakes of our children.
23 Jan 13
I really think it might just be curiosity. Boys at that age are curious about how they are different from girls- even if it is their sister. What safety precautions have you taken? You mentioned something about them but didn't mention what they were.