Have you ever Pay Cash or any Amount for the Mistake you did or salary deducted?

Pasay, Philippines
January 22, 2013 11:56pm CST
This is my first time to experience that I am going to pay for the mistake I did for the business card due to typographical errors of the information of address. The one mistake of numbers can really ruin everything that is why it is really important to be corrected right away. That is my fault it is because I didn't focus much on it unlike in other business cards that making sure there were no mistakes. My boss told my officemate that I should pay for it so what I asked is instead of paying it by cash it could be salary deduction then he agreed on it. Good thing my boss have decided that since it will be reprinted then the specifications can be lowered so that the price will be as well deducted. So at least I don't need to pay for Php2500 which is $62.50 but at least Php2000 which is $50. I don't know if there will be consideration since I was asked by my officemate that she was asked if how much I want to pay for it. Then that could be definitely another half of the price. Have you already experience to pay the cash for the mistake that you did? Whether it is accident or intended? How were you able to deal with it? What are the situations and instances that you were able to face this kind of problem?
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@iva75cpb (729)
• Bulgaria
24 Jan 13
It happened to my boyfriend last week. He and a colleague of his made a mistake while cutting off details for a front door. The company he works for makes details and shapes for furniture, so every detail must be cut very accurately and precisely. Obviously they did something wrong with the calculations because the door eventually didn't fit, so their boss deducted the expenses from both their salaries. Anyway the door will be fixed and if ever sold, my boyfriend and his colleague will be receive back half of the fine, which is good. It's a common practice in some private companies, the same as the practice to get bonuses for the job well done. We dealt with it normally since actually it was a human error and everyone can make a mistake. Good thing the problem was solved for you successfully
@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
24 Jan 13
I have an online shop. And I get all my stuff from my former classmate. So there was one incident when he gave me a wrong price of the item that the client have ordered. I felt that the client would be furious if i would be changing the price, and feared that the client would no longer trust me anymore. So what I did was, I just paid for the balance of the things that the client ordered.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
23 Jan 13
Yes, it is done in the civil organization but it is not done in the government services. There are some rules, those are to follow. If anybody does any willful mistake, then s/he is punished or warned. If the mistake is not done due to fault, then s/he would be advised to do the job more carefully. If s/he does wrong things continuously, then her/his service is terminated.