What do you prepare to drink?A freshly squeezed fruit or preserved fruit drink?

January 23, 2013 1:21am CST
It depends on the situation,that I hurried up because I have a visitor to accommodate with that is why I treat him with the preserved fruit juice.When I have some freshly squeezed juice ready,then I can give him a glass.When I am in the house,I prepared the freshly squeezed juice,because it has more nutrients than a preserved one,and it could not give me any mouth sores after a few days from drinking it,that it is really best for my body and health.Preserved fruit juices is also good for the body,yet it has some bad effects in my own system,as not all people adopts a preserved food,even if some people has a good response as to its effects to their body.
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
24 Jan 13
I like both. When I have no time to hassle with squeezing, I'd take a preserved one. But if I can, I'm gonna choose the freshly squeezed one. It's yummy, but at the same time it's healthier.
@Archie0 (4669)
23 Jan 13
I think i will opt for fresh fruit juice if i have to drink juice. I don't drink juices that often because my nutritionist had told me not to drink juice, because in a day i need to consume 1 fruit where as a fruit juice has 2 or more sometimes. So it is not acceptable. Also i know many love the canned juices, which is again unhealthy because they got preservatives and sugar in them which is not healthy at all. It takes some trouble to make fresh juice if you want to drink it, but it is healthy and your can keep sugar optional too.