Saving Life

January 23, 2013 9:36am CST
Just this day i realized that saving a life is not only of a job of a doctor or a nurse, nonetheless everybody's job. We are all capable of saving a life only if we are oriented and trained by basic life support. We might not know we will be the one who will be needing some emergency basic life support. We should always be aware of what to do in case of these situations. No more reasons not to be aware of life saving. If someone can't afford he or she can watch a basic life support in youtube, read techniques in wiki, or other materials that are great sources. We must move now and be a hero one day.
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@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
25 Jan 13
I agree with you. I'm glad that I know CPR,infant CPR, procedure for shocking,etc. You are right we never know what situation we will be in when we could save a life. It could be with someone in our family, or a complete stranger. It doesn't take that much time to learn these things.
• Philippines
29 Jan 13
Definitely advanced cardiac life saving is very vital to every one. You could be a lifesaver anytime anywhere if you have background. Basically it is a must to have. I wish in Philippines it could be implemented that all professionals should have this training. I wish I wish.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
23 Jan 13
Yes, doctors and nurses are directly doing needful to save lives of other people but we can also save others lives in various ways like helping them by giving them correct information about a good doctor or by giving them money/food, when they really need it. Have a very nice day..
• Philippines
25 Jan 13
True we have a hero inside of us, we just need to activate that! World is better providing that everyone think that way. We can be nurses and doctors in our own way, we just have to see the beautiful character deep inside us, not just think of our own self rather think the whole humanity as part of us. Thank you for responding aminu.
@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
30 Jan 13
we as people should also know some things about first aid.who knows you might need it when you least expect it.