Charlotte North Carolina

United States
January 23, 2013 8:59pm CST
Well my kindle updated after the first hour so I am going to recap what I can remember add anything you want to... I remember the guy who sang rascal flats was ok glad yo see him go on. The man who had the wife who had a crush on Keith urban was good. I will say I am glad Keith had the deciding vote because that girl deserved to go. There was a girl who was just so innocent and had such a soft calm peaceful voice. I can't wait to hear more from her. Ok what were your thoughts of the first hour?? I had a lot more than that typed before it upgraded.... Oh and we can't forget about the fight...nicki walks out says she is done but...she came back ok I know a lot of people that like her but all this fighting really makes me want to throw something at the tv. I keep hoping it'll get better...looks like it's only getting worse. Brandy from right here in Charlotte was ok to me. I think with some work she could k d become something great. Ashley also from Charlotte...very energetic, very much an attention grabber, and very enthusiastic . but I will say she surprised me. She deserves her spot in Hollywood. She was very very good! ...maybe some locals will make it farther Janelle from Tennessee was very good. That was a good song for her go sing and she hut those notes perfect. I agree with nicki she really did sing like a star already. Very excite d to see how far she goes in this competition. Rodney from Charlotte also..he is the one who sings on the streets. "The voice of Charlotte" he deserved to go on. He is very sweet and had a good voice. Candace..Good to see her come back for another try.. HEY BIGFOOT she's from South Carolina She is very talented and sounded great. She has grown up a lot and gotten way better than lAst year. I agree with the judges. I really am sure no matter what she will go far. Can't wait to get to see how far she makes it this year. Also from Charlotte singing fresh Prince of bel air. Not many people can sing that. And also how do I live I don't remember the artist. The baby is soooo adorable. I think she did great!! She has a good voice and a lot of passion. I hope he supports her when she gets home to tell him... Great way to end the show. Good talent from Charlotte
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• Philippines
24 Jan 13
Hello crazzydolphin, a happy that you are informing us about the latest updates of the show because it's usually aired late here in my country. Not to mention am glad Candice finally made it back to the audition and hollywood. as I recall she was one of the trio in the hollywood rounds with Deandre and Jessica Sanchez.. i would be checking candace from time to time i hope she makes it to the top. well, i'd be watching it later, as for the judges bickering, am not gonna focus on watching and change my channel instead.
• United States
24 Jan 13
Yes I hate you have to wait to watch it but unless something just comes up and there is nothing I can do but that hasn't happened yet so your welcome on the updates and . They will be here all season long Yea I have thought about turning the channel..I can't just seem to pull myself away from the show tho lol