Taslima Nasrin

Bangladeshi women writer - Taslima Nasrin
Country: Bangladesh
Famous book: Lazza
January 23, 2013 11:26pm CST
Do you Know Taslima Nasrin a Bangladeshi women writer? She is just wonderful writer. She had written about women. Her writing skill is just amazing. She had written abou men and women status in the society. She had mentioned about the things like though women are strong as men physically also but they are treated as weak in the society which is really unfair. Her famous book is Lazzza.
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• United States
25 Jan 13
Yes, I am aware of Taslima Nasrin. However, I do not like her. The lady practices double standard. I mean according to my opinion, she does not do what she preaches and thus, I find her fake. Don't get me wrong. I am just picky. For this same reason, I believe Shakespeare is one of the worst writers and Catcher in the Rye is America's most boring novel.
• Nepal
26 Jan 13
Everyone have there own perception friend. That's why the world is unique. I think she is a strong women who fight for her freedom. Even Shakespeare is a great writer.