Labels and Dioramas

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
January 24, 2013 12:26pm CST
I had a dream that I was at a school and they were having a special presentation of dioramas which could be purchased. Each diorama was labeled and was creating in fancy paper bags like you would put presents in. You could see through the bags enabling you to see depictions of things associated with holidays, traditions, cultures, etc. One bag was labeled Halloween and had little twisted and gnarled trees, pumpkins, and tombstones. Another was labeled Wicca and had designs representing each of the Elements. Some were labeled teacher, Mom, relationships, and others were Buddhism, Christmas, etc. I went about the room, stopping at each stand, and looking at the different dioramas. There were things in many of them that I felt fit me. But there wasn't a single bag that depicted just me. A lady came up to me to ask if she could be of help and I explained how there were elements of many of the dioramas that I felt connected to, but not a single one in particular fit me. She smiled broadly and explained that I could have my very own. I just had to choose a point of beginning. She handed me a bag, and led me to a table filled with diorama figures, labels and more. I realized I didn't need a label. And I began placing items in a little ziploc bag that I wanted to use to make my own diorama. I took depictions of the Elements, of the Sun and the Moon, of gnarled and twisted trees, of healthy evergreens, flowers, vegetables, and other things of nature that I felt a connection to. I took tiny figures of paint, canvases, brushes, pencils, paper. I took tiny packets of glitter, of herbs, of sand, and salt. I took a tiny vial of water, a mini cauldron and pentacle. I added things representing sisters, family, and relationships. With each item I took for my diorama I felt something of the old, the pain and sorrow, lift from me, as if weight were removed. My diorama would depict the things I cherish, learn from, create from, and celebrate. It wasn't about the past. It was about choosing to be myself. But it was also about celebrating self, life, and tomorrow. This school, truthfully, life itself, is about accepting self, being yourself, and celebrating life. It is about creating the you (a diorama) that you wish to be. You don't have to be one thing, choose a single pantheon, tradition, or culture. Yours does not have to be identical to mine. We may find we have things in common. But we may find treasures we didn't even know we had until we look at the diorama of another. We can celebrate the common things and we can celebrate the treasures of others. You may want a label now and then. You may wish to include the labels in your bag. But remember, even these are but partial descriptions of the whole. They will just help you to focus on a single aspect until you are ready to add another label or piece to whom you are becoming or desire to be. May my dream bless you all as it has blessed me. Remember, you don't have to limit yourself to what has been, you can be all these things and more.
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