Should I be concerned?!?!

January 25, 2013 12:44am CST
Hello everyone, I wanted to get your advice. So I have a 2 year old teacup Yorkie, she's approximately 4lbs. She's an indoor dog, but LOVES going outside with her sister who is a miniature schnauzer. My concern is a Beautiful Hawk that sits on our wall for awhile during the day on and off for the past week. I don't know if he has intentions of trying to get my teacup Yorkie or if he's just sitting there. I don't want to deprive her of going outside to play, so I've been going outside with her because I'm greatly concerned. Will Hawks pick up Yorkies???! Advice is greatly appreciated... Thank you in advance!
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
25 Jan 13
I would be concerned, if I were you. I couldn't let her alone for one minute! I recently saw a video about a dog that has been picked up by a hawk and luckily escaped. Let me see if I can find the video again. Here it is: That dog was a Pomeranian, a little bigger than a Yorkie. (at least it looks bigger, due to the coat) So I wouldn't take any chance. Just keep a 'hawk' eye on her all the time when she's outside.
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@CatsandDogs (13964)
• United States
25 Jan 13
Yes they most certainly will! You need to be outside with her at all times so that the hawk or any other animal won't get her because they will if given the chance. However, your little Yorkie needs to spend her energy and the only real way of doing that is to let her outside to run it off but you need to be out there with her so that she stays safe.
25 Jan 13
Thank you for your response. It's so scary to think a Hawk would pick up a dog. I'm going to keep a close eye on her... Like a Hawk! LOL! ;)