Have you climb a tree to harvest the fruit?

January 25, 2013 1:45am CST
We have several fruit trees around our house.There is a coconut tree,a mango tree,an avocado tree, a jack fruit tree, a star apple tree,a custard apple tree,and a black berry tree.Not all the trees have fruits because it is not its season to bear fruits. The only trees with fruits are the coconut,the black berry,and the mango trees.I know it is the season of mangoes this months until march I think.I sometimes visit this tree to harvest some fruits.I am afraid to go up the black berry tree,because there are itchy worms around its trunk,especially if it was having some flowers,but it bears fruits all year round,during its season,it has so many itchy worms,and most of it becomes a beautiful butterfly,some are eaten by birds,as it also eat its fruits.I also like to go up in the coconut tree,so that I can drink some coconut juice.My brother sometimes fermented the coconut flower,so that he can produce some coconut wine out from the juices it produced once cut off from the branch,yet never full cut off to have that sweet tasting coconut wine.
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@flapiz (4151)
• Australia
25 Jan 13
When I was in elementary my neighbors and I used to go fruit hunting. And yes we climb on trees. I have climbed mango trees, tamarind trees, and black berry too. Like you, I hate those itchy woolly caterpillars. Oh I miss those days.