Maybe a new Rivalry, Chelsea & Chloe Fashion vs Cane Jabot Fashion

@stealthy (8188)
United States
January 25, 2013 10:26pm CST
So Jack wants Cane to start a fashion branch of Jabot and it looks like Chelsea and Chloe are going to get their fashion/design business going. So I am wondering just how far they will take this new rivalry. I actually they make a big deal out of it; I will be for Chelsea since she deserves it. I had always hoped that Victoria would start something up and be in rivalry with Victor or Jack or someone but it doesn't look like they are going to do that.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
27 Jan 13
I was thinking that same thing. I have been wanting Chelsea and Chloe to do their fashion thing... that would be such a breath of fresh/new air for use viewers in stead of the same old constant Newman vs. Abbot feud/battles to watch. I was thinking...good grief Jack.. why not just say I BEAT VICTOR I BEAT VICTOR I BEAT VICTOR...have his day in victory circle and then just give it away or back to Victor or as he did ...Billy and Adam. He did nothing tho! He achieved his life time goal...and it was like nothing happened! I thought it odd they didn't do more with that for Jack. And I was hoping, which later he mentioned.. that he'd give up Newman, but keep Jabot and go back to his roots and just improve and expand on that...which he did, but then said he was going to branch out into the fashion world. At the time I thought... oh well, guess Drew is going to be brought back! Drew was his fashion model wife that fell off a cliff and since he is getting hot and heavy with Lesley...about time for her to resurface and with the fashion business back in town...that'd be how. But what I was thinking was....They have been hitting Cane and his wife (what's her name? Can't think of it..Libby?) with "others"...laying the ground work for a divorce there... Her with Tyler and now Cane with Chelsea and have them cheat on each other... but I later thought... hum...two mentions of fashion business.. must be what is on the horizon. I root and vote for Chelsea and Chloe tho. They are starting from nothing, while Jabot already has it's foot in the door!