What does it take to become a dog breeder?

January 26, 2013 9:19am CST
Hello All, I was just curious what does it take to be a dog breeder? I would think its similar to raising a child in sense, a lot of attention, love, money, loss of sleep etc. If I ever wanted to be a breeder what would the most important things I needed to know be?
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@Octav1 (1421)
• Romania
30 Jan 13
If you want to become a respectful dog breeder, the most important thing you should take care of is choosing the genitors. First, they must be healthy and young enough to procreate. There are health tests specific for different breeds. If you are to be a respectful breeder, you must make sure your breeding dogs passed all the health tests. You should never breed a dog that could pass some genetic disease to its offspring. Secondly, but with the same importance, you should be sure the breeding dogs are representative for the breed. This means you must take them to conformation shows to obtain their right to be bred. If you breed some dogs that only looks like a particular breed, you don't know how their puppies will look like. This also means that the breeding dogs must have what it is called "pedigree". It shows a dog's ancestors for three or four generations. This will help you to choose the breeding pairs, so that you will never breed dogs that are closely related. Third place, make sure your breeding dogs do not have any behaviour issue (like excessive fear or aggression). If they do have one of those, their offspring will probably have the same issues, so you better prevent such problems. There are many other things that are important for a person that wants to become a responsible dog breeder. I could tell you some more if you are still interested.
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
26 Jan 13
To become a breeder you are taking in your hands to slowly kill your animals, shows how much your don't care for your animals, nor responsibility as an owner. You need the apporaiate certificates by law, house with safety features, and a yard (they check that here), and really you are only in to make money, seeing as you don't care for the health of the animal.
• Canada
26 Jan 13
Thank you for the response. I'm not sure what you mean by I don't care about the health of an animal. I was just curious of what you would need. I originally figured you would need a farm of some sort and definitely some certifications because there is the ckc registered dogs one would need to breed. I love all animals and care a lot for them hense me working in an animal shelter for many years so I don't know if you misunderstood my question but maybe you should take a look at it again. Thank you
• Canada
26 Jan 13
I also had one more thing to add. When I purchase a dog I will be going to a breeder as when buying from a pet store a lot of those pups and animals come for puppy mills. I don't know if they have this pet store where you are but in particular PJ's Pet Store is not the best store to buy an animal from. The OSPCA has been fighting with this company for years and have had numerous cases against them for getting they're pups from puppy mills. The runts they have put them in laundry bags and slammed them against the wall to kill them. Birds they take by the feet and hit them again a wall to break they're neck... Really sick things so I know a breeder is where I'll be going I'm sure one would know once seeing the breeder if they did not care for they're animals.
@Mavic123456 (14455)
• Thailand
27 Jan 13
Maltese Puppies - Yes, having the puppies are like having children. but the feeling is rewarding I am telling you.. These are maltese puppies and they are really adorable, from the time the were born up to the adulthood. Fantastic and amazing ones. Learn how to deliver the litter I am like a doctor. Asking a veterinarian is very expensive and the deal is an amount for the mom and each of the litter. so really very expensive.
hmm I breed dogs. Taking the fact that you have male and female dogs of not related to each other and of same kind. 1. patience. you need to have a lot of this because it is like taking care of babies. 2. you need a place for them if you don't like to have them settle at your home. 3. rags.. a lot of rags... 4. learn how to deliver the litter... I did .. I know how to deliver a litter. I am like a doctor. Asking a veterinarian is very expensive and the deal is an amount for the bit ch and each of the litter. so really very expensive. 5. have a veterinarian a trusted one. 6. join any organization or clubs for canines. Yes, having the puppies are like having children. but the feeling is rewarding I am telling you.. I will show you the dogs that I breed.