Do you have something old that could remind you of your good memory?

January 27, 2013 6:49am CST
In my memory, last time that I read a book was about three months ago.With the development of computer and the internet,I think we are spending less and less time on books.At the same time,computer games,online chat,blogs and something similar are taking more and more of our daily life. Today,when I was cleaning my room,I was surprised to find an old book that had been bought in my high school life.I opened it,and found what I had wrote on it.It was some words that were to encourage myself to read as many books as possible.The handwriting was a little childish,but it made me thought of my past.I was a hardworking student during my high school life,and I wrote a lot of notes on the pages.It was so good to get the book in my hand. Do you have something that is old but can give you good feelings?
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• Philippines
28 Jan 13
Whenever I look for some important documents I check out my mom's filer. Among birth certificates and school diplomas I find some of my old letters and notes of our family. Some were snail mails, like valentine's card, that my sister and I sent to our mom who was working out of the country at the time. Even small notes that read "please forgive us mom for fighting with my sister" brings back both good and bad memories that molded our family. It's amazing how as young as I was, I was able to compose such letters that was so meaningful to our mom and still keeps it among important documents.
@Mitraa (3188)
• India
28 Jan 13
Certainly qian! I have a good collection of old books, some of those are even 70 years old and lost some beginning pages and cover also! Worth of such books are very much for me as a book lover! I think, books are our friends, father, grandfather and great grandfather also at the same time! Thanks for this nice posting and have a good day!
@maximax8 (28906)
• United Kingdom
28 Jan 13
I have my travel photo albums from years ago and from the years leading up to last year. I love to look at them and doing that can bring back so lovely memories. I didn't keep my books I had when I was at school. I do lots of clutter clearing you see. It was wonderful you found a book from your high school days.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
28 Jan 13
Internet took my time from reading as well. Actually, I still got about 6 books that I have not read for the past 2 years. I used to read about 3 books in a week. But when I got sick 2 years back, i slowed down in reading and focused more on playing online. What reminds me of my younger years are the compilation of poem that I made when I was in high school. I was so in love with this guy that even if we were just together for a short period of time, his love remained for a long time. And those love,pain and hurt that I felt were written on my poem. Whenever I get the chance to read them all again, I would laugh at myself at how crazy I was.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
27 Jan 13
I always keep an album updated. I want to keep memories through photos and that brings back a lot of memories in the past. I have saved old cards and letters from friends too- some gift wrappers and ribbons. Sounds emotional, but yes I am too emotional when it comes to little things that gives a lot of meaning.