Does it need to have OCD in order to be successful?

January 28, 2013 10:14pm CST
I have noticed that many who became famous singer , famous artist, famous painter. experienced having OCD. meaning they do not used to be like normal people just for example the famous female singer we have here in Philippines. Everyday her father practice her singing for hours and they need to be in sea to be good in singing. and some other singer do that too. so is that means that we must be obsessive so that we can be successful to a things and to a talent that we have. to be an extraordinary is to be famous so you can never be famous if you are just like an ordinary people right?!
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• Philippines
3 Feb 13
It is not necessary, as long as you have the perseverance and attitude to succeed. Every little single way is enough to achieve your goals.
• Philippines
5 Feb 13
thanks for the comment. Yes i forgot the word perseverance.
• India
14 Feb 13
Thanks for this discussion, i don't know what OCD stands for, but i can say persons who have some in born skill like dancing, singing shine one day when they get a chance and when right time comes. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY.
@andak2007 (3229)
• Philippines
13 Feb 13
This is funny, so that means we will not be successful because we do not OCD? Seriously though, life has also a funny way of showing things to us and how we deal with our shortcomings. Those with different disabilities are mostly challenged in life that is why they strive harder more than the normal people because normal people are so used of getting things done with less effort. I myself am suffering from OCD and i try to be as normal as possible but my OCD is not that apparent and not that worst, i am also very forgetful that is why i always have a list of everything making me very reliable to my husband because he is careless and no attention to details. Most of the famous people have other querks too and it is just a matter of ovecoming them in order to succeed.
• Philippines
5 Feb 13
every person has a different way of reaching success, if it works for others it doesn't not mean it is going to work to all. hope you understand