Exercising while on period... safe or not safe?

January 30, 2013 1:23am CST
Well, i am a regular gym person,but when i am on period i avoid going to gym at all. I have heard it isnt safe at all. But my mood gets really bad. Do you do gym while on period? What exercises do you avoid?
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@salonga (27964)
• Philippines
30 Jan 13
Women should avoid strenuous exercise during their monthly period. This is to avoid heavy flow of flood which is not good. But I believe light exercises that don't require running, jumping or lifting is not bad at all. Light exercises such as walking, simple aerobics exercises and even swimming can even help ease up the pain of the monthly period.
• China
31 Jan 13
Oh, dear salonga.Swimming is the last thing a woman could go while on her monthly period,it's physiology bad to women. On the one hand, the water with many bacteriums in the pool is not clean enough, On the other hand, a woman is weak duing that period especially in physiology.
@youless (92252)
• Guangzhou, China
31 Jan 13
I will not do more exercises when I am on period because I am afraid it will be bloody much more. Besides, usually I will feel tired at this special time. So I prefer to have more rest. If you really have to do exercises when you are on period, at least you shall do some relaxing exercises.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
30 Jan 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well yes it is not safe to exercise when there is a period. as u said it is risky to attempt the same. I think whenever there is any period, u should stay away from exercises and heavy work load. Then after every thing is alright u can resume your gym and other exercises. What say?