High yield Investment Program (HYIP)

@dueken (72)
January 30, 2013 10:22pm CST
I just ran across a site called Its a high yield investment program that offers very high returns (as much as 200% profit withn 3 days of your investment). And the minimum you can deposit is $50. I see that it is new but according to the site, it already has 1087 accounts registered and 751 active members, and the total amount of money that has been invested by members is $965,279.00 and some of them have already withdrawn some of their profits according to the sites statistics. Information on the site states that it has been running for 23 days. But i googled the site and saw information about that same URL which datied back to 2009. And in those info i saw people said they got paid. But since the site now says it stared only 23 days ago I'm thinking maybe the site went down in the past and has resurfaced with a new owner or something like that? I don't know. Anyway, my question is does anyone have any experience with this particular site or know anything about it? I'm really not sure if persons here would know as i know persons on this forum don't really invest but i still want some info from those who might know if it is a good site or not.
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• Netherlands
24 Feb 13
Hi dueken, Thanks for your post, I would like to share my experience with We registered with them just recently on February 12 and invested 50 USD for 5 days. A profit of 110 USD was paid nicely and on time in our instantinv account. So far so good. We immediately requested a withdrawal on February 19 of 60 USD so that at least we would have our investment back with a little bit of profit. The withdrawal was processed almost instantly but still not sitting in our STP account. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient for a bit longer without screaming 'scam' for the time being. The remaining 50 USD we invested straight away for 3 days and at maturity the profit of 75 USD got paid out nicely. Again we re-invested that 75 USD for 5 days which is maturing this week. We will just wait and see what happens. Other HYIP's we use can be found on Tradinglinks NZ. Thanks, tradinglinks
@mohkanari (1957)
• India
31 Jan 13
I can't understand the source of income of any site that can pay this much high profit [ 200% or so ] to its all members. Have you any idea of it?. Many such sites are paying to initial members from the amount remitted by latest members taking site's profit.