His mother died who will take care of him now when he is mentally ill

January 31, 2013 6:37am CST
I am aware with this one neighbor of us. He is emotionally ill.and her mother who is the one who do take care of him just died the other day.as far as I know He was normal when he was born and for a reason which I don't know he became mentally ill.although he is not harmful but I am worried now that his mother left him who will take care of him.I don't think that his relatives is concern about him compared to his late mother who love him and the only person who is always concern to him.My mother said It is better for him to bring to a social organization.But as far as I know it's mental hospital? what do you think my lotters?where is the best for him?
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@drkraven (523)
• Romania
31 Jan 13
depending on the state of his illness it s mostly recommended to be taken care by a specialized person. most likely in a mental hospital indeed. all things happen for a reason... bad things too. this is life. take care :)
• Philippines
3 Feb 13
That is also what I think is the only option Mental hospital.I only think if his condition might get worse if he will be there.. He is not harmful he just talk and talk as far as I know as even in first expression you will not think he is mentally ill unless he started to talk.I don't know this person well since I am a homebody person so this is what my mother told me is he.
@luisaR (452)
• Philippines
1 Feb 13
that is sad, just sad. mental institution is the only answer, although I think someone need to pay for his needs there too??? Maybe some NGO will help a helpless person like him...
@mariaperalta (19096)
• Mexico
31 Jan 13
wont the state take care of him there? there has to be some kind of agency there no? Lets hope so...
• India
31 Jan 13
Thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear this, if it happened here, we can contact some social organizations , they are kind enough and expert in solving such cases; they will send him to the nearest mental asylum and bear expenses; at times they get money sanctioned too.
@Mavic123456 (8235)
• Thailand
31 Jan 13
He can be in an organization that can handle him. Not mental institution if he is not diagnosed with mental problem. if he is then it should be a mental institution... If you have this concern talk to a DSWD in your town, for sure and lay down your concern.. they will figure out what will they do to him. If not, bring it to the Mayor, election time is coming so they will definitely do something for him.