My bother talk to me again

January 31, 2013 6:55am CST
He is ain't heavy, he is my brother. Though we did not talk for the last few years, today he did talked to me. He said someone will come to install the wifi modem for internet using, and he said he will pay for the bills every month, but I am feeling guilty about it, I am senior than him 2 years, how can I ask something from my junior, I should have support him instead. But he said since you are depressed and can't go out to work its better to stay at home and work on the internet. He knows my problem is shy to communicate and stand up for myself, I am really happy and glad and promise myself not to upset over small little things.
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@Mavic123456 (16290)
• Thailand
1 Feb 13
so glad to know this. congratulations!! now you can work without any problem
@else22 (4319)
• India
1 Feb 13
Congratulations!You really have a good brother who cares so much for his sister.What if he pays your internet charges.The day would come when you would be able to help him.Participate on Mylot with your brother.It would really be a memorable moment of your life.Since he is a couple of years older than you,he may help you learn a lot of things.I congratulate both of you once again.It's really a very good news.
@marjivy80 (198)
• Philippines
1 Feb 13
i really do believe in the saying that blood is thicker than the water. so whatever the misunderstandings you have in the past it will all heal, in time. no matter who's the elder as long as whoever needs help then the other one should help.
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
31 Jan 13
great to hear he is talking to you again... other than mylot how do you earn online? Have a great day there. Take care..
• United States
31 Jan 13
Your able to get love and care from your family as well. There is no need to feel bad about him being younger than you. You should take your time and get your mind right for you to manage better in life.
• India
31 Jan 13
I wonder what happened between you and your brother that leads to this situation but good thing is that you have solved that issue. It looks your brother understands you very well that's why he knows your problem and arranged internet for you to work from home. I hope you have a better and improved relationship with him in the future.
• China
31 Jan 13
Congratulation!you have a good young brother!you are a kind girl too.He has been to help you,you can also help him in life.I don't understand why you haven't talk for few years,I guess you may have been very concerned about each other.Have such a brother is a very happy thing!
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
31 Jan 13
it is such a good new and let him do since he wants to do it for you. I think it is a good chance for both you can be nice back together. whatever happens, he is always your brother, right?