Social enterprises

@buddha3 (1029)
February 2, 2013 11:38am CST
I've been wondering of late, if businesses need to be always money-centric or should they focus on social welfare too? My stand is that no matter what business a firm is into, it has to always operate with a social touch, and with a concern for environment. Have you ever thought, having a chain of hospitals emulating the McDonald's model, possible? An exceptional example for a social enterprise is ARAVIND EYE CARE in India. It's a chain of Eye hospitals. You may say hospitals can't be called enterprises, but these days, we can hardly find any private hospitals not bothering about profits and going for real service. Considering this, the vision, planning, philosophies and the great strategic management of Aravind Eye Care has demonstrated that any project for a noble cause can make wonders!!! Many business schools have adopted the case study of Aravind Eye care to teach their students the art of strategic management! Check out this link and read the story :) I need your thoughts on this : Should businesses be socially responsible? What do you feel?
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