Need to have jewelry that can record like the cell phones..

@vandana7 (68986)
February 3, 2013 11:47am CST
And may be pepper sprays in finger rings, and acids in rings, and bangles... and ear rings, and may be rings that can be worn towards palms and can inject debilitating fluids in the person attacking so that when the girl is taken by surprise, her palm should suffice in sending the man to hell. I know this can be dangerous ...and would need license...after all, every criminal would want one to rob any bank. Moreover, even men can wear such equipment and paralyse women..but something is better than should not be allowed to wear such things...come what may. And like tracking device in Mobile phones, there should be tracking device in women's jewelry also... Would the recording of rape in jewelry be deemed as a pornographic movie recording rather than actual rape? Anything is possible with Indian laws and Indian judicial system.
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@webearn99 (1743)
• India
4 Feb 13
Devices that record on the sly do exist as of now. Be it a pen or a key chain. Integrating the same into jewellery is no big deal. There is a loss of privacy with these things, that is for sure. No pain no gain, I guess! What fires my imagination is the pepper spray thing in rings. I have a use for it. You know my liking for spicy food. Alas with my hypertension, and cardiac problems I am now getting bland food. I will load these rings with all the spices and start enjoying food again! Trust you will not take upon yourself to snitch on me.Thanks in advance.
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@vandana7 (68986)
• India
4 Feb 13 are not allowed to be equipped with such Lady Bond gadgets, whether for combat or for eating.
@jennyze (7045)
• Indonesia
4 Mar 13
Maybe, we all women are to learn martial arts to protect ourselves... Who is going to be Xena, then? O..O.. definitely not me... I am too round to be a Xena.
@vandana7 (68986)
• India
16 Mar 13
Jenn sweetie...martial arts would not suffice when it comes to gang rapists. Especially if one or more of them were equipped with the same skills. :) I feel we can consider this or have a watch or something that we can switch on and record..whatever is going on including with pictures and send it across to police station through Internet and also have some other form of poisons say loaded in our bangles or rings so that the rapists can be temporarily paralyzed with it..and we can then have them rounded up. May be I am being too imaginative. Good news is, rape is now a non-bailable offense in our country. But that has not stopped rapists. There is a swiss woman who was raped yesterday, and a married woman raped in the bus by bus conductor and driver.