My pitbull mix is a

My pit and my lab - Lugs( the pit) and Nike (the lab)
United States
February 3, 2013 3:40pm CST
Does anybody have any tips on how I can get my pit to stop scavenging? We try and pick up and put anything and everything out of his reach. But we come home and what do you know more thing tore up. And truthfully we don't know how he gets these things. Door are shut, drawers are closed. (Some times I think he knows how to open them) Any advise would be good...Mainly I'm sick of having to come home and pick up trash that he has scavenged during the day...Leave a clean house to come back to the city dumb wth!!!!
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@matersfish (6311)
• United States
3 Feb 13
My dog Arturo - 'Turo looking out of the window daydreaming about peeing on other dogs' spots.
Buy the pup a cool toy and hope he grows out of it. Most will. Mine stayed in that scavenging phase until he was 3 or so. Mostly he'd just get paper towels out of the trash or a random sock, but sometimes he'd chew up shoes and cushions and the backs of people's ankles. Thankfully he doesn't do that now! He's all grown up and his bite could probably bend steel. I saw him with my chow-mix puppy, Maximus, chewing on a stick. It was a huge stick and Maximus was struggling just to gnaw the bark off it. And my pit (Arturo) just took 1 quick bite and that thing splintered into kindling. Hopefully he's stop scavenging and just do like my dog does -- look out the window endlessly hoping for a walk.
• United States
3 Feb 13
Thanks for that, Ill get him something then, do they make never ending rawhide? lol Mine is only 2, So I'm praying lol, and yes I know all to well about the bite..My lab (nike) takes hours to go through rawhide but not Lugz(the pit)5-6 mins tops. And for staring out the window he has that mastered haha, Along with my curtains being shredded..go figure. But thanks for the reply..:)
• Israel
7 Feb 13
They make nylon bones that last a very long time. A nice big one should last at least a year. I've had mine for several years. Mostly for fosters because I don't have chewers. A good friend has a major chewer and her bones last a bit less than a year, but she replaces them when they get small.
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
6 Feb 13
Most young puppies will do this, and them being bored. Solution find things to entertain him while you are at work.
@Octav1 (1421)
• Romania
4 Feb 13
Hello Catmarie73 and welcome to Mylot! I think your pup is clever that he finds the way to get to the trash every day! What you call scavenging, it is a successful hunt for your pup. He puts all his minds in succeeding, so don't be mad at him. Instead, you must find something to keep his mind occupied and his body tired. I suggest you to take him for a long walk before leaving him alone in the house. After an hour of playing and running, he will be tired enough to sleep until your return. And his mind will be busy to remember what happened during the morning walk, so he won't need to think of something to entertain himself.
• Philippines
4 Feb 13
Hi Catmarie! You really just have to drain that dog's energy before you walk out that door. Maybe you can buy toys for your pet and play with them for awhile before you leave. My pitbull used to be a destroyer. Anything within his reach, he'll try to chew on it. What I did was try to catch him in the act of chewing anything that's not his toy. Element of surprise and I tell him no, bad dog. He actually did get surprised and tried to act as if he didn't do anything wrong. For several times that I've caught him he would get scared of me popping up out of no where and that's when he learned not to touch what's not his. From time to time I monitor him so he would know that I'm keeping my eyes on him. You just have to catch and correct your pitbull before he does something wrong.