They would eat in the restaurant owned by my cousin

@hotsummer (10444)
February 4, 2013 6:10am CST
They, mother brother and sister, went to this restaurant. When I called them they said they would bring food for me. I am not really expecting anything as we have so many foods already at home so I would just be happy if they bring or anything regardless if it's just small amount of food or even none at all. For now, I am very much full as we have been eating a lot since yesterday. So for now I would just have light meals until tomorrow.  Anyway this restaurant is owned by my cousin. So that's why they are eating on that place and also. The restaurant is inside the high end mall. The owner of that mall has even asked my cousin to set up another restaurant  on his other mall. I'm talking about the owner of the biggest mall in the Philippines.  Anyway the good thing about their food  is that the price is affordable but the menu is of international cuisine. Very delicious
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• Indonesia
28 Feb 13
Since the owner of the biggest mall is asking your cousin to open up another restaurant, it means your cousin is a reputable person. It’s great to have a cousin as successful as your cousin. I can see why your cousin has a very successful restaurant, it’s because your cousin has a restaurant which served delicious internation cuisine with reasonable price, most people love to get a good stuff with reasonable price.
• United States
4 Feb 13
That's very good that the owner of the mall has asked your cousin to open a restaurant in his other mall. It's really nice to have a variety of meals at reasonable prices. I can't understand why some places charge so much for the meals and have a lot of food on the plates. Some restaurants don't even let you order a half-sized meal. If I had a restaurant, I would allow that. Many people just can't eat all that!! Me included!
• India
4 Feb 13
So one of the biggest mall in the Philippines is having a restaurant that is owned by your cousin, that's great !!! That simply shows how much reputed person he is. Moreover the mall owner wants him to set up another one so that means his restaurant is really becoming famous among the people. So now all the hard work he has done is paying in the form of success. I hope his another restaurant will also become successful as this one.