Wrestling for the 80's and early 90's

United States
February 4, 2013 7:27pm CST
I grow up watching wrestling. I loved it then and I still enjoy watching wrestling from this era now. I have tried to watch wrestling today. It just isn't as good. They had great stories back than, this is lost today. what do you all think?
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@Lakota12 (42684)
• United States
5 Feb 13
To me it has beccome a big show and production not real at all not even as fake as it always was it bores the heck out of me now
• United States
5 Feb 13
Sadly, I have to agree, with you.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
14 Feb 13
I too grew up watching wrestling. My favourite then was Hulk Hogan (who else) and Ultimate Warrior. Wrestling nowadays is definitely different from those times. Now, they are more fan-fare and visual treats and compare to those period. Nonetheless, it is the plot that never fails to put a smile on my face.
• United States
8 Feb 13
I was born in the late 80's, I loved watching wrestling even from a small baby because I would watch it with my uncles. I started out watching WCW which was awesome beyond belief before they started going downhill. Then I started watching WWF and back when I first started watching them it was like old times with WCW; there was great storylines (although WCW never kept theirs for too long) amazing action and great booking (the matches were awesome) I don't enjoy it as much now because it has changed so much, but I still watch it because I can't get out of that habit and I still hope that it would get better in some way. Fact of the matter is that society made the WWE change from back then because of all the bad little children that weren't being watched by their parents killing other children with wrestling moves that WWF/E were getting blamed for every single time. Although they run those "Don't Try This At Home" campaigns and federations like TNA and AAA and ROH are way more brutal (I mean AAA has wrestlers using forks to make their opponents bleed), WWE still gets blamed, not sure how many times parents have tried to sue Vince now.
• Bangladesh
5 Feb 13
wresting in this era is more enjoyable as it should be ,,, earlier era was tough fights ..we miss those days though nah ... story making is still wrestling's main core,,,, if only a proper matches held with no preplanned events :D it would have been awesome watching them go toe to toe with one another