Difficult to drive car with closed door glass

February 5, 2013 9:47am CST
I want to share one of my recent experience. I am driving car since last 27 years. I had started my driving with fiat, then maruti zen and later I used to drive my maruti van for around 8 years. After that I bought my new car i.e. chevrolet. In my new car, i got all new facilities like power steering, good ac and other things. But this car is soooo comfortable that i find too difficult to drive it confidently. Particularly, I am not feeling easy to drive, when door glasses are closed. I was used to a bit rough n tough driving. In van, you can keep a distance of min 6 inch from the front vehicle, which is hard to keep with this bigger one. I think, if you have driven a van for long period, you will be useless to drive other cars. At least this is true for me. And I dont like these sleep like arrangements of seats in this new car. In fact, if you will be in so much comfort zone in driving seat, you will love to sleep than driving. Then there will be a change of big bang naturally. I dont know, whether i cud express my feeling, but would love to read your responses.
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• Dhaka, Bangladesh
5 Feb 13
Yes, it is different types of problem. But you should not drive the car, when windows are closed. Have a very nice day.
• India
5 Feb 13
ya, thts wht i m doing mostly. But think i m to be habituated with glass up too as sometimes AC is too required, may not be for me, but for others inside car. Thnx.