...my chinese horoscope isn't exactly clear

February 6, 2013 7:01am CST
I'm nto exactly a fan of horoscopes but I do read mine from time tot time to amuse myself whether they are coming true or not.I read my Chinese zodiac at the beginning of the year and i so far, I think I had read 4 different interpretation of my life this coming year. They are all good advice but I'm waiting which one will come true. Of course, I will put in my own efforts because I somewhat don't believe in fate and luck. But as I had said, it's better to be somewaht prepared even though I don't exactly buy horoscope(Chinese or Western) or the numerous luck- or money attracting things tat some feng shui expert recommend. But i will be glad if somebody really gives me real hard cash for my efforts and skills. According to my horoscope, I'm not going to be bountiful this year. How about you?
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@jdawg011 (505)
• Canada
20 Feb 13
Horoscopes in general tend to be unclear. That's how they can get things right almost all of the time. It's kinda like a person claiming to be psychic and saying "there will be a car crash in New York within the next 5 minutes." It's a likely occurance, so they'll probably be right.