A new team member report to work today

United States
February 6, 2013 7:55pm CST
This morning, a new team member comes to work, and we didn't surprise that, since our supervisor really need someone to work on an empty position. It is quite understandable that our supervisor has to hire a new person, since another co - worker has a surgery, and she is in a sick leave currently. We just miss her, and hope she will get well soon, and come back to work. We just don't know when she will come back, and I hope that our supervisor will also hold that position for her.
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• Philippines
7 Feb 13
If you co-worker is occupying a permanent position then surely she can come back. Surgery is not that serious and six months is a provisionary status of your new co-worker. I knew of some cases like that. My daughter was hired on a Multinational Company to replace one personel who was on maternity leave. When that personnel return to work my daughter is still working with the company for two years now.
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
7 Feb 13
Would you happen to know the status of employment of the new team member? Like regular or casual? I hope that your supervisor will still let the one who is sick to keep her job and at the same time be able to find some ways to keep the new hire if she is really very good in her job. Times like this, we all need the help that we can get especially on matters of livelihood.
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
7 Feb 13
I hope she holds the position for her, I know many who have not had the position held, and then they lost their job, and had to start from the beginning.