Woke up so late and the sun was already up!

February 7, 2013 11:41am CST
What a pity to have just wasted the sun. I felt that it was up by 11 in the morning but i still continued sleeping. I knew it was rarity to have the sun up there during winter but I was just so tired I didn't even open the window to get this fresh sunshine.Hoping for another nice weather tomorrow. Oh summer, my summer friend, when will you come?!
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• Philippines
7 Feb 13
in my country we dont have winter season only sunny and rainy. but my usually waking up is around 10-11am. I don't know haha i cant wake up early in morning.. (weird).
• Philippines
7 Feb 13
my country too is like that, tropical weather. either rainy or dry season. when i was home i usually wake up late too coz i start working at 2pm anyway. also the sun is always up so you don't even realize that you are missing something. but here where i am now when the sun comes then one savors the moment.:)
@jugsjugs (13045)
20 Feb 13
I feel that half the day has been wasted if I lay in bed late in the morning, however if we did not need sleep we would be awake. Mind you I am wishing the days away at the moment so more sleep I have the less I have to put up with.
• South Africa
16 Feb 13
Sounds as if your body really needed the sleep and I think that the fact that you slept in probably did your body a lot of good. I havent been able to sleep that late in absolute years so I feel a little jealous :) Oh to just give in to the relaxing bed and snooze and snooze would be so wonderful. However I am up at 5 basically each and every morning... ah, how I long for a lie in! Enjoy :)
• India
14 Feb 13
I am from Delhi, India. here weather fluctuates from 0-45 degree, these days its summer here, but its usual for me to wake up at 11 AM or later than that sometimes :)