Hacking shown inappropriately in MOVIES :(

February 8, 2013 8:56pm CST
I have been studying hacking since I was a kid and I really hate it the fact that it is shown to be so easy in movies. Proper hackers know how much hard work is needed in order to do it. Why I feel this way is because when I tell somebody that I'm an ethical hacker, they go "Bah...that stuff is easy" and this damn pisses me off :S
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• South Africa
24 Jul 13
Yeah man most of the time they just type crap into their computers and break into systems which is highly unethical. I also hate it, no one has that great skill.
@bloodmask (590)
• India
9 Feb 13
So what do you thought movies are made like movie stars first showing learning things like number theory and algebra, then go on learning networking and programming, and then they show people how they create apps to break through things. In real world all is tough and is made easy with experience and knowledge. In movies, spiderman climb wall so easy , in real window cleaners in NYC hang in real danger.