Thinking about Licensed Massage Therapy

February 9, 2013 9:40am CST
Hello! Does anyone know anything about being a LMT? How are the job opportunities? I've been interested in doing this since I was a teenager and I have the opportunity to go to school for free. I get to choose a certification or license of any kind. This seems like a relaxing job as well as I'd be able to do part-time or even have my own business for. I'm currently going to school for nursing and to be honest I'm not doing it because I love it but because I've been good at it. I've been in emergency medicine since graduating high school (it's been a while lol) so I wanted to do something fun! Any advice? I'd appreciate it!
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9 Feb 13
I don't know too much about the job market for this because of the economy right now. If you can go to school for free and get a license, I would do it. Any type of education, regardless of what it is, is always beneficial to some extent. As you mentioned in your discussion, you can always do this part-time to see how it goes, along with your other job. I would think the nursing job would have better potential and there are always different area's that you can pursue in that. Your LMI might come in handy with the nursing too, alongside it. LMI is fun I'm sure, but you do have to have strong hands for it. My daughter wanted to become one but she has carpal tunnel in both hands, so it was out of the question for her. I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure!