Learn a lot about HIV in a Red Cross Education class

United States
February 11, 2013 3:54pm CST
I have actually learn a lot about HIV, today. I was really surprised because i learn so much that i feel like making a website and then used a plugin to a social media account. Will this be helpful why or why not? Because i will actually become a health educator, so i want to let people know how to protect themselves.
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@kourdapya (926)
• Philippines
12 Feb 13
HIV is one of the most serious issues in health all over the world now. Anyone can have it, even innocent children. We had that HIV lecture too several months ago, that's a requirement from the government as a private company. The lecturer told us that the best way to avoid getting HIV is be loyal to our partners. I must agree with her!
• Malaysia
12 Feb 13
spreading the good news is a good thing as it can educate people about the issue, i am sure i help a lot
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
12 Feb 13
Well, I think it would be great to share your knowledge to others so that they would be well informed about what AIDS is really all about. While others may have known about it from years ago, still there are some who doesn't now anything about it. And so making a website can surely help people to learn more about it and as well as you can be able to share everything else that you learn about.
• Poland
11 Feb 13
I think you are making a step in a good direction. It's ignorance in most cases that causes infections with HIV and other problems. People aren't fully aware about danger of being infected. Some of them don't even know what brings threat to their health and some thing that you can get infected simply by a handshake. Health educators are needed to clear some views on HIV. I remember in High School I watched a movie during family education class about some guy who infected his girlfriend and that was the end of our education on that subject.