have you ever see rainbow in front of your eye

beauty rainbow - it happen after a short rain and it come out
February 12, 2013 3:27am CST
it happen when it after a short rain and it come out, i decide to take photo coz it so beautiful.
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• India
6 Apr 13
yes I have seen it many times and I really love rainbow . that is symbole of luck too, I have seen rainbow with making detergent bubblews too.. lol ,
• Malaysia
7 Apr 13
ok i will try it
@MALUSE (45848)
• Uzbekistan
1 Mar 16
Yes, I have.
• Indonesia
3 Apr 13
I ve seen the beautiful rainbow just like on ur picture, yes its so cool, last time i took picture of the rainbow too, because rainbow is not appear so often
@kourdapya (926)
• Philippines
13 Feb 13
The last time I saw one was years ago. That was a long time, although I was not that near the rainbow I felt that God loves me so much just by looking at that rainbow. It gave me this feeling that made me think that I did not need anything in life if I have God with me.
@redredrose (1107)
• United States
12 Feb 13
I love rainbows because they arr so beautiful and colorful. I don't usually have a camera with me when i see one but next time i do i will take a picture of it. Wish there reallu was an end to the rainbow and a pot of gold there lol.
@aqirock (857)
• Malaysia
12 Feb 13
know what when I look at that rainbow what I think is i wish I can hold it, I do a hand focus like camera and focus at that rainbow, seem like it's near us but it's not actually