...what an experiment

February 13, 2013 5:03am CST
I got invited to an experiment where we wee will be debating a highly controversial political topic. But instead of slugging it personally and over a panel of moderators, we did online. We had a forum and get our pick of our screenames. As we converse along, we had experience a lot of things. Most of my team got insulted by every imaginable insults and I guess, we did our share. Being anonymous, we really can’t pinpoint who said what aside from the person conducting the experiment. We saw some people who are objective and some are highly subjective but there was one guy was ‘too serious’ (my opinion) for the debate. Don’t get me wrong because I am fairly serious myself but I guess he took the insults (it was banter, someone retracted) very seriously and said he didn’t want to participate anymore. It’s his right to do so but I think that an online forum is a very uncomfortable place for him. I guess he really wants to be serious about the topic and his views and the exchange of insults irritated him and thought that the whole exercise is a joke. I do share his views but that really happens when the other party also uses insults and topics,(which have been repeated over and over). The experiment is a good experience of people communicating and how much sometimes, it speaks beyond the computer screen.
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@else22 (4319)
• India
13 Feb 13
If you participate in a discussion,be prepared to face different views some of which may be countering to yours.We can't be expected to have the same thoughts either on political issues or religious ones or any other issue.Tolerance,or,say,respect for opposite view is a must.If you can't respect others' views and feel hurt by an opposite opinion,then better keep away from such debates.