Promoting referrals links in mylot

February 13, 2013 6:22am CST
Hi Pals,today in the afternoon being free i searched for paid2youtube and was surprised to see this.(sorry in my recent discussions i've to come back in april but here). Ok,recently some of my discussions was deleted(without posting referral link),but when i found a 4years old discussion,which has referral links in it but never got deleted after 4years. My question is,before i joined mylot,was there no voilations for posting referrals links,or mylot terms and conditions changed this year,because here the discussions/the person who respond,to that discussions respond still remain even after he is posting referral links in that thread. Click the link,Scroll down,and in Response 28,Daxdak(1),you will get the details,because that person is voilating mylot guidelines.
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@aqirock (857)
• Malaysia
13 Feb 13
admin also a human, they are not robot to check on each post that's why they need us to help them to watch and report violation post
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@mysdianait (65109)
• Italy
13 Feb 13
In the Guidelines we asre asked to help admin by reporting violations. Many users don't report them and I am wondering whether you reported that one now or not? Admin can't be everywhere and that is why they ask us to help out. Posting referral links is not the only reason that discussions/responses/comments are deleted and I suggest that you read the Guidelines to understand the others:
• India
13 Feb 13
Thanks for the link,and i have'nt reported that response because i want to let everybody see that. Am going to report that now.
@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
13 Feb 13
As long as I concern, mostly admin detect referral links on opening discussion only but on response admin little bit weak (or have no time to check). So ... without any help (from members), that kind of violating won't easy to find / deleted. So .... help admin dude or he will reduce our income .....