Did the new stipulation for the WWE title meant to help CM Punk or The Rock?

February 16, 2013 3:38am CST
Hi friends. You might have heard it that Vince Macmahon agreed to the stipulation put forward by Paul Heyman that if the Rock get counted out or disqualified, he will lose the Championship to Punk. Usually when there is a count-out or disqualification, the challenger is announced as winner but the champion retains the title. Something very recently Ex-Divas Champion Eva used against Kaitlyn during their championship matches. But is the new stipulation is meant to help the Rock or CM punk? Now all CM punk had to do was involve someone in the championship match and he will get the title. may be the WWE officials want Rock to win cashing on his rematch clause during wrestlemania in a triple threat match between Punk, Rock & Cena? Or are they trying the most used technique of Stacking up odds against the face who will overcome all obstacles to win the match?
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