april please come fast

February 17, 2013 2:06pm CST
I'm living a boring life right now . 2 months are not passing away quickly. i have been placed in a hotel and its joining date is 29th april. its seems as if 29th april won't come . it seens as if time has stopprd. i don't know how to pass my time . all my friends are studying or doing job out of station . i'm tired of sitting at home. i don't know what to do the whole day. I'm fed up of chatting on facebook and messaging on mobile.I'm even not able to sleep at night because if i don't do any hard work infact i don't have any work to do that make me sleepy..what should i do????
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18 Feb 13
lol. I don't want april to come, april brings the worst rain where I live.
• Poland
17 Feb 13
I know that feeling. When I'm overwork I wan't to rest and "being bored" sounds to me almost like "reaching Nirvna" but when there is nothing to do and I'm alone and I'm boered beyond imagine it doesn't seem like Nirvana at all. My head is loaded with thoughts about things I could do right now but somehow I don't and I feel like my life is pointless. My way of dealing with this during summer was getting drunk. But I figured that it was only temporary solution so I now I try to distract myself with reading books or some creatve activity like writing or drawing.