happiness makes me sad...

February 17, 2013 9:58pm CST
yes it's true being happy is the most wonderful reward person could ever had but also the worst nightmare would be... it's awful and sad in reminiscing joyous moment that u feel u are happy... remembering those happy days makes me sad...
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@shrijsr (577)
• Bangalore, India
18 Feb 13
yes, reminiscing such joyous moments does make me feel sad too because of the very fact that, it is really not possible for me to get back to such a state again and live those times once again. How good it would have been if at all thing were the same even now like they were some times ago. Well, that is the beauty of life. everything changes, but the memories just remain the same for us to cherish those real good times.
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@kenshin2143 (1882)
• Philippines
18 Feb 13
Well, I do not feel sad about reminiscing such memories but rather be proud and happy about them. I feel that way because once in a while in my lifetime, I experience such joys.
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@spicymary (558)
• Romania
24 Mar 13
It can be sad, but it also can be motivating, inspiring and beautiful. When you are not experiencing happy moments, you can't stop compare the present with the past and blame yourself because you might feel an involution. You have different standards, higher standards, that may make you enjoy less average moments and clasify them as sad. But those higher standards you have, those past moments become references of your life. It can be sad, but they will inspire you to move on, to achieve again what you had and more. You know it's possible, you know you are capable and you know you worth it.
@lorelai (1558)
• Italy
24 Mar 13
Well I do agree with you to a point. When we are sad it is difficult to remember our happy moments, if one once had a great job and lost it it is difficult to remember those happy days while we were working, the same thing with people. It is difficult to remember great moments we spent with someone if we know we will never spend another nice moment with that person. That's why when I am sad I am trying to thing about those moments I felt proud of myself, the day I graduated from University, each time I did something I was scared of doing, the day I broke a really difficult relationship that was making me miserable although I was convinced to love the guy, the day I sat down and read I book I was promising myself to read for a long time. Those are also memories, although some of them can't be called happy ones they make me happy and pround of myself each time I remember them.
• South Korea
18 Feb 13
your feelings contradict,,,,,, don't understand why you feel sad about reminicing those wonderful moment you had...... Do you regret something in the past????? For me I feel great when I think about those happiest moment in my life and not only the happiest time but even the saddest time in my life.... because they help me grow more mature and stronger....