were you ever cheated while traveling?

February 18, 2013 5:26am CST
generally people are cheating at tourist places. sometimes it happens when you are travelling by train and cheated by co-passenger or ticket inspector or food stall fellow. i have an experience when i was cheated by a co-passenger when train was halted at station. a passenger who sitting beside me got down and came after some time and asked me some change to purchase some snack. i was not having change so i gave him some more money and asked him to return me back. he picked up money and left. when train started he did not returned back then i started to enquire about him, i surprised to know that he was suppose to get down at that station.
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
21 Feb 13
I have been cheated a few times by taxi drivers. The last time that was in a journey to cog train station on Easter Sunday. He charged me around double the taxi fare. I was quite annoyed. We waited two hours for the cog train to take us up the mountain to see the statue of Christ. Another time I was traveling from Israel to Jordan. I was told it was the birthday of Muhammad and so no buses were running. A taxi came and two others came to ride in it. I was the one to pay the taxi fare. I needed to move on from the border so without any buses I had needed that taxi to take me into the town. It is easy to get tricked when the zeros on the old and newer back notes are different. I find an exchange rate in the millions or many thousands hard to follow. Connor Woodman did a series on TV showing scams including taxi driver cheats.
@Porcospino (18647)
• Denmark
20 Feb 13
I have been cheated by taxi drivers and tuk-tuk drivers several times. It usually happens in the beginning when I visit a country where I don't know the local prices. In Romania the taxi driver asked for 50 lei. I thought it was too much and I offered him 20 lei instead of 50 lei and he accepted that. A few days later I discovered that the normal price was 5 lei! In Bangkok I was also cheated several times, the tuk-tuk driver were especially bad, and I paid far too much because I didn't know the normal prices in Thailand. Many tourists attractions also cheat the tourists. They have two prices - the tourist prices which are written in English and the local prices with are written with letters so that they tourists aren't able to read it.
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
18 Feb 13
Lots of people who have the ill intent to take advantage of anybody will do it at any opportunity presented. But the reason why most travelers or tourists are targeted is because they do not stay long on that place, they. I've along or return to their home therefore most of them do not waste the time to pursue or file a report since they are on schedule. We haven't experienced something like that when traveling but we did experience being charged wrongly by cabs and rental vans.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
18 Feb 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well that is very bad to hear about the cheating done with u and i think this thing is very much common at the railway stations and trains where u get to see so many strangers and could not figure out who is the culprit or the innocent one. I hope u would stay alert whenever u would travel in the train in the future. What say?