Faulty calculation of earnings in ayuwage.com.

February 18, 2013 6:50am CST
I have been a member of ayuwage.com for a pretty long time. It is a legit site and I have already cashed out from it. It was my first payment received from the site and I am going to receive my second payment very soon. So long I was very much satisfied with the functioning of the site. But unfortunately for the last few months I have been observing that my activities in the site are not accurately reflected in my earnings from the site. For example, if I click 3 ads of click value $0.015 under Focused sites in the category of ‘Regular Sites’ and another 3 ads of click value $0.005 under Standard sites in the category of ‘Regular Sites’, my earnings from the site would have been $0.060 but unfortunately I discover a mere increase in my earnings by $0.055 or $0.045. It has been happening off and on. Has it happened to any one of you who are members of ayuwage.com? Is it due to any technical fault of the site or the fault actually lies in my mode of working on the site? Should I report it to the administration of the site for necessary clarification or should I adopt the ‘wait and watch’ policy?
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@fourjems (11)
• Philippines
23 Feb 13
I have been paid twice from Ayuwage and so far I haven't encountered such problem with regards to my earnings. Or maybe I just didn't notice when it occured. Try to visit the forum first and look for a complain of the same problem then maybe you can find the answer there. If there is none then start a topic about that and wait for the admin's reply.
• India
20 Feb 13
I think wait more and check if again happenes something like that then if again you find somethng wrong like that then it is good to report the administration of that site.
@suraj7nov (1737)
• India
19 Feb 13
i didnot found such error,but you should contact their support regarding that,good site for free members to earn money without refferal,already recieved 5 cashouts from them and another one yet to come