I am getting an error message of service temporarily unavailable.....for what?..

By sri
@gamyam (572)
Hyderabad, India
February 18, 2013 7:13pm CST
Some times i am getting an error message of internet as i am not aware of it's actual reason. The message is as follows : Service temporarily not available "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again.... Apache server at mostpopularptc.com port 80..." Why am i getting this type of error message on my screen sometimes?... Please give me a solution tips to get rid of this issue.
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• India
1 Mar 13
Sadly there's nothing we can do to avoid such errors. These aren't errors that we can resolve from our side by checking our internet connection, browser options or cookies. They occur when the company hosting the website is performing maintenance on the server that is hosting the site. Such down times are usually short in duration, maybe a few hours required to update the server with latest security patches or new a software installation.
@mani118 (146)
• Pakistan
19 Feb 13
These is server problem which could be sort out By server side.So cantact your internet provider for more guide.
@Avijit100 (953)
• Calcutta, India
19 Feb 13
It happened to me as well but I thought of clearing my cookies and cache to fix this issue. I did so and then the issue was resolved temporarily but only to re-surface again. This usually occurs when there's some problem in the website loading and clears with time when the website is fixed.
@r0cker (300)
• India
19 Feb 13
This error comes when you are not connected to the internet or when you cant access some specific site.
@blackrusty (3530)
• Mexico
19 Feb 13
It's the site that your going too nothing to do with you most of the time it is the site rebooting
• Indonesia
19 Feb 13
The problem is not with your computer but the server. Every website is 'hosted' on a server somewhere(that's why you can access it from your browser) and when those server down or have some problem then the website(websitename.com) hosted in there will not be available to the world, because the server is not available then you can't access the website stored in there. And when you try to access it with your browser the error messages will be displayed.
• Philippines
19 Feb 13
Sometimes it also happened to me but what I did is I logout and comeback later and it workek