the things kids you sent them!

@pomwango (1355)
February 19, 2013 10:55pm CST
i have had to endure the pain to explain some of the things my kids blurt out and i hope the people they have said this things to never think its a discussion i had and the kid overheard me and is quoting me.once my mother in law had come for treatment and was in my house for a long while then one day my daughter just asks her,'grandma are you not going back to your house, don't you miss it?'i am sure she thought my daughter was voicing my feelings or what i had been saying.then another day a visitor had come to our home and my daughter asked her why her shoes were so dirty since they had alot of your kids put you on the spot like this at times?
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@Trensue (5247)
• United States
20 Feb 13
Thanksgiving was very embarrassing for me. When I walked in the my son's house my four year old grandchild, jumped up and said "Trenna's here so no one can swear, bite or be mean. If you do will have to go to your room for 5 minutes." I guess it is good that they listen.
@pomwango (1355)
• Kenya
20 Feb 13
its good when kids are able to also know that we must follow rules and quote them for us,that means he is also understanding what is required of him.
• India
28 Feb 13
I do not think you should blame yourself for what your daughter said because kids speak from their heart . remember the story in which the kid said that the king is not wearing any clothes ,ifyou teach your daughter thatdirty shoes should not be brought inside the house then for her it applies to everybody even the guest .As for grandma overstaying Ithink they should definetly pay freequet short and long visits ,kids would love to have them around .