What kind of Vitamin C do you take??????

South Korea
February 20, 2013 2:03am CST
I'm not that fond of taking medicine tablets because I can only forget it after a week or two!! I get lazy he he!! but of course our body really needs this vitamin to prevent common illnesses like flu, cough and colds... What i do is ,,, I eat carrots and cucumber everyday because I make salad evryday,,, and I read an article that carrots are also rich in vitamin C,,, then guava (i buy and eat it whenever I have a chance to)... then I train myself to eat fruits evryday or every other day as possible..! and I think it has a good effect on me!!!
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@dpk262006 (56563)
• Delhi, India
20 Feb 13
Hi! I think regular intake of fruits and vegetables will help you fulfill the requirement of Vitamin 'C' in your body. Guava and carrots are god source of Vitamin C. Besides, you could try to take some oranges, lemon juice in salad/vegetable and tomatoes in cooked vegetables and salad. I agree it is always good to take Vitamin C through natural sources rather than through Medicines.
• South Korea
21 Feb 13
yes,,, I'd rather eat fruits and vege than to taking tablets!! If you will notice older people before who are not use to taking medicines but eat leafy vege and fruits live longer he he he!!!!!
@dpk262006 (56563)
• Delhi, India
21 Feb 13
I completely agree with your approach.
• United States
20 Mar 13
Basically I eat the foods that have this in it. I am always eating lots of fruits.
• India
9 Mar 13
Though it is essential to get vitamins everyday it is not necessary to take medicines its better if you get them form your meals. Either you take take anti oxidants like vitamin A E or multivitamins. I have read the book Mind Power Study Technique by Raj Bapna who says its wise to take SUPRADYN once a day. It will sharpen your mind too.