Ho do i detect if the webpage I open might contain a malware/ virus

February 20, 2013 7:25am CST
as far as I know friend and based on my experienced if my browser always hang. I am using free antivirus with low antivirus for I cannot afford by now to upgrade it.So I only check it everyday. My computer experienced 3 Trojan virus for 3 years and the worse thing was the unknown virus which I think is the cause of the damage of my hard Disk . for this is what they called the mechanical virus. Honestly clicking to unknown page in PTC down loading a file is i think the cause of having my computer a virus. Now I used disk clean up in my Drive C: which i use where my browser is everyday and when an Unknown page later produce about mb of active X and java applet that automatically download when I open this possibly that site that I did open is unsafe.and when I used You tube,mylot and the captcha site i used everyday I used I notice it is only kilobytes.It doesn't produce such big files which stores in my downloadable programs automatically. So this is one that I do everyday.
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@glacey (7)
21 Feb 13
The best place I've seen for malware and virus discussion is the majorgeeks forum. They will tell you how too detect and remove malware and viruses and how to prevent getting them. I personally use the free Comodo software which is a firewall, anti-virus software, and malware detection. I also use the paid version of Malwarebytes. It's a cheap one-off payment and gives me extra peace of mind. Hope this helps.
• Philippines
24 Feb 13
there is also a fake antivirus software that is offer free over the internet. So i do not download an unfamiliar ones.
@nitinnair89 (2895)
• India
20 Feb 13
I also use a free version anti virus but it protects my system effectively. Some anti virus programs can't detect trojans. So be safe.
• Philippines
24 Feb 13
Especially the new made virus which is not yet updated to the antivirus we have.
• Indonesia
2 Mar 13
I think its your browsing habit that make you infected. Use firefox browser, it has option to block 'bad' websites. malware/virus CAN steal your information but it CAN'T burn your computer or damage it.
@JohnRok1 (2051)
21 Feb 13
Microsoft offer a free antivirus that's as good as almost any that you pay for. It's called Microsoft Internet Security. The only disadvantage I've found is that I've not been able to find out how to set it to switch off my computer automatically when the scan is completed, and maybe it can't be done.
• Philippines
21 Feb 13
Based on my experiences, anti-viruses/spywares/malwares will do the trick for this. They can filter the websites easy-peasy! Install their respective plug ins/ add ons on your browser of choice and voila! You are safe from virus attacks! And best of all, dont visit a non recomemnded site. (porns, torrents,. etc) I personally recommend AVG for this situation. Good luck!