Founded Mobile Phone Battery Low...

@mani118 (146)
February 21, 2013 8:26am CST
Last night i setup headphones on my cell phone and turned on Music and went straight to bed and set alarm at 8 0'clock for my class . I sleep hearing song and has't turnoff the music. In the morning awakeup at 9 0'clock and fined cell off due to Low charging and missed the class and the Quiz as well. How Will u react when you fined your cellphone low battery and you have to make important call? Share your views...
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• India
4 Mar 13
Sad to know that you missed the class. We must charge our phone if the battery shows 1 or 2 points. It will be useful to avoid such kind of problems.
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
22 Feb 13
It wasn't happened to me because I have 2 mobile phone. One I used for music which is my android phone and the one I usually used for alarm clock is my ordinary phone. Never late to any schedule
• Howrah, India
22 Feb 13
It's the most annoying thing for everyone to see your mobile phone's battery is low.If you turned on music while sleeping and it continues to play music for 8 hours or more this will happen for sure.Try to avoid this practice or use two mobile phones..
• Philippines
21 Feb 13
Sorry to hear that you missed your class and a quiz. I never sleep with a low cellphone battery because I am living alone and hubby is working overseas. I always make sure that my phone is always good in making calls and sending sms. So far, it's not yet happening to me but if it does, might be screaming. hahaha
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
21 Feb 13
Well, that's expected to happen. When you phone isn't even fully charged and you use it for music for 24 hours then that is what will really happen. I would be pissed at myself if ever I miss something, moreso if it is my fault. I will be stressed until I get that issue resolved and I will vow never to do it again.
• India
21 Feb 13
Surely anyone will be disgusted to find his/her mobile switched off due to low batter. I have faced such problem long back. But now I have 2 personal and a official mobile, hence there is almost no chance that all the mobiles get switched off due to low battery at the same time.
@r0cker (300)
• India
21 Feb 13
It really pisses off when the battery of cellphone got discharged & we have to do something important like making a call or sending a message or mail. I have suffered from this situation. Now I always keep my phone's battery full charged.